Results of activities in Vietnam

In January 2024, we did the surveys at 9 districts of Kien giang and 9 districts of Tra vinh provinces , each district we visited one kindergarden or primary school. During the survey we listened to 60 key teachers, and 40 memebers of people committees or district DOETs or principals of schools where we visited. Beside that, in other  rooms , our experts also interviewed around 300 people who were student parents, homeroom teachers and students.

Students with physically disabilities in Minh Thuan primary school – U Minh Thuong district, Kien Giang Province.

Student with  Agent Orange in Vinh Binh Nam  primary school -  Vinh Thuan District, Kien Giang provice.

Student with learning difficulties  in Ban Tan Dinh school – Giong Rieng District, Kien Giang province.

Student with ADHD in Le thi Hong Gam primary school – Rach Gia town- Kien Giang province.

 Student with Visually impaired  in Tam Ngãi  primary school – Cau Ke district, Tra Vinh province.

 Student with prosthetics  in Ham Giang B primary school – Tra Cu district, Tra Vinh province.

 Project  results ( taken from the survey contents of primary schools principals )

- After the training courses, teachers knew how to make  IEPs. Students did not speak out before,  they could speak to their teachers after that. Their studies also were in progress.

- After training courses, techers  love children with disabilities more.

- At the first year of the project, teachers not yet much cared about their students with disabilities, parents did not collaborate with school,  but at the third year of project, teachers cared about their student more and more, they knew how to make files and IEPs for their students.

- Before this 3 year project, teachers did not get children with disabilities. After participating in this project in 3 years, teachers did get children with disabilities.

- Before this 3 year project, teachers thought that children with disabilities as  normal children. Some teachers thought that to teach children with disabilities having something different, but they did not know how to teach them. After getting the training courses, teachers learned how to make IEP and how to teach children with disabilities….

- After the training courses, teachers knew how to get classmates in classroom to be center for teaching student with disabilities.

-After training courses, teachers knew how to make IEPs, to let student with disabilities to develop their abilitiies such as : to sing , to draw, to read, to write …With some lessons which they did not understand, other classmate could hepl them. So students with disbilities were happy in schools.

- After the training courses, teachers did help students with language difficulties who could not speak in the begiining of first semester, but then they coukld speak some single words at the end of first semester.