Sponsorship program in Vietnam and Campodia

Sponsorship in Campodia

Sponsor: Mrs. Ida Mika (from Osaka)
Recipient: Mr. Po’s family (Cambodia)
This couple has 03 daughters and 03 sons. Mr. Po, the father, is 44 years old. He has to stay only at home because of his illness. He did work at construction site before. His wife, named Nemu, now is breadwinner by washing dishes job at one restaurant. She works from 9.00AM until to 9.00PM. They have a child with Down Syndrome. They rent house at 30$ per month. They have 04 children under school-age

Sponsor: Ms. Baba Yumiko (from Tokyo)
Recipient: Mr. Hemuremu’s family
Mr. and Mrs. Hen Remu have 09 children. The oldest is 15 years old and the youngest is 3 years old. They have 02 daughters and 07 sons. Their 12 person family consume 3kg of rice everyday. Husband’s job is a taxi driver with low and unstable income.

Sponsorship in Vietnam

Sponsor: Mr. Tara Yoshihiko (from Fukuoka) (tuition fee and medical fee suport)
Recipient: Hong Van (Vietnam) – Child with Hearing Impairment
Mr. Tara supports 40$ per month for 20$ of tuition fee and 20$ of medical fee as voluntary sevice. Child has gone to kindergarten since June 2011. Her father works at a company in the countryside. Her mother has to stay at home to take care of her child. Family’s income is quite low. Every month, mother takes her to HCMC once to get professional advice from special center for child’ study. This is training course for parents and children with hearing impairment. The distance from An Giang Province to HCMC is a long way. Support fee is used to pay for tuition fee at kindergarten and primary education.

Sponsor: Mr. Tara Yoshihiko (from Fukuoka)
Recipient: A family of 03 siblings in all (Vietnam) (all of them are children with hearing impairment). 02 supports are given.
All of them are children with hearing impairment. Their mother is poeple with hearing impairent as well. Children can read and write well since going to school. Their father helps them learn at home and do homework

Sponsor: Mrs. Ida Mika (from Osaka)
Recipient: Kha Ai (Vietnam). This is a child with hearing impairment.
This support fee is used to pay private tuition fee. She have private tuition at home by a teacher from her school from 5:15 to 7:00 every day. This private tuition fee takes about 30$ per month. Last semester, Ai’ study result is average at all subjects. Ai can write English well but listening skill is difficult to her. She helps to do housework after study time. However she can not do that if she is in exam period.

Sponsor: Mrs. Fukuichi Michiko (from Tokyo)
Recipient: Nhi (Vietnam)
Nhi who is a child with hearing impairment is now a student at grade 4th.
Her family move from countryside to city for living. They have to rent house for whole family. So every month after paying house renting fee, family runs out of money. Her mother can not help child learning because she had mostly finished her study at grade 1st. Child need more private tuitions so this support fee will be used to pay this private tuition.

Sponsor: Mrs. Komuro Chieko (from Tokyo)
Recipient: Ms. Hanh’s family (Vietnam)
Ms. Hanh, her son and her daughter, three of them are limb disablitities. The support fee is used to pay tuition fee. (The middle person is school principal.)

Sponsor: Mrs. Komuro Chieko (from Tokyo)
Recipient: Hieu (Vietnam)
Child can not keep going to school because of his unhealthy status. After receiving this support fee, his father will take him to hospital for medical care. His father will try to let him go to school next year.

Sponsor: Mr. Tara Yoshihiko (from Fukuoka)
Recipient: 02 siblings girl with hearing impairment (Vietnam). 02 supports are given.
Older sister: Tran, grade 6th at Thang Long secondary school. Her class has 35 students with only her who is student with hearing impairment. Her head teacher has no special support. Her classmate in the next frequently helps her by showing notebook to her. There are 10 classmates who tease her because of her disability. However there are 02 classate who always helps her in any time.
Younger sister: Duyen, student at Special school Hy Vong District 8.